8 Most Liveable Chinese Cities

8 most liveable chinese cities

Life is an adventure and if given the chance to move to China, would you take it? Once you have said yes to that question, the next thing to decide is which city you will be living in. China is not just all about the pollution and over-consumerism. It’s a very fine place to live in, with its interesting culture. […]

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Your Guide To Chinese New Year Superstitions

rooster year

This January 28th will mark the beginning of a new year for Chinese people. The date is selected based on the Lunar Calendar and it changes every year. Each year is also represented by one of the twelve animals on the Chinese horoscope wheel. And this new year will be the year of the rooster. Hopefully it will be a […]

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How To Plan Your 2017 Chinese Holidays

Chinese Holidays Travel Plan

It’s almost that most wonderful time of the year again, or at least here in China. While in most parts of the world, the new year started on January 1st, in China the Chinese don’t consider it a new year until this January 28th. And that means a whole new set of Chinese holidays is on the calendar! The Chinese […]

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Top 4 Funny Chinese Phrases Of 2016

Top 4 Funny Chinese Phrases

A roundup of the funniest or most ridiculous Chinese phrases. The Chinese social media is a completely different beast from its western counterpart in the online world. Chinese netizens are known for coming up with quirky and creative Chinese phrases for just about anything that is currently going on. They’re quick to react and can make a meme go viral really […]

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3 Things You Might Not Know About Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings

Chinese dumplings (Jiǎozi) are said to be over 1400 years old. They are popular in almost the whole of China but are considered one of the staple foods in North China. They’re usually eaten throughout the year and especially on special occasions such as Chinese new year. While most foreigners have heard of or tried Chinese dumplings before, only a […]

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